Go By Ocean

Hi-Fi Music Lounge Presents

Go By Ocean

Ghost Tour

Sat · May 6, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm

Hi-Fi Lounge

$7 at the Door

This event is 21 and over

Go By Ocean
Go By Ocean
I've always been enchanted by music. I'm mesmerized by the miracle of sound waves resonating naturally through the atmosphere and mysteriously working in harmony to draw out emotions in us all.

My latest work came together under a spell, in a truly majestic landscape on the coast of Marin. I set out with some of my best friends to focus and release all conceived notions of self expectation. To explore my current cultivation of songs with a new philosophy and an unfamiliar methodology. I chose the Panoramic House in Stinson Beach as the vessel to write and record the new Go By Ocean album "Sun Machine." I brought most of the songs in fresh so everyone worked on them with a first instinct kind of prospective. For me, "Sun Machine" reveals a new found path in life. An evolution of living with light rather than letting darkness lead the way. Like many of my lyrics, the album reflects on harder times with hope for greater days ahead. "Ring Around The Sun" starts the record off with that exact sentiment and is an anthem proclaiming there's still time to look on down that road to a better life. Participating in the light as opposed to checking out into darkness. We had a ball making this album with an amazing collection of hearts that resulted in a record I am very proud of. My line up has changed over the years but our mission remains the same. To spread love through the art of music and hopefully give people the emotional responses we all share and find in the music we love the most.

-Ryan McCaffrey
Ghost Tour
Ghost Tour
You can almost hear the crackle of vinyl in Ghost Tour’s blend of rock, pop and soul.
This is literature-soaked boogie-hop with stacks of brass. Their debut album San
Anselmo is on the way in summer 2017. Here’s what the papers have to say:
“This band brings something new and invigorating to the table: sharp musicianship,
honey-dipped harmonies and a charismatic collective presence, all in the service of
smart, sophisticated pop songs." - Rick Levin, Eugene Weekly

“With strong lyrics, tasteful vocal harmonies and inventive use of dynamics and tempo, Ghost Tour is a strong addition to Eugene’s music scene.” - William Kennedy, Eugene Weekly

This sound is fueled by not one, but two prolific and scholarly songwriters: Andy
Valentine on rhythm guitar and Olive DelSol on keys. Perhaps you thought you heard a hawk wheeling in the sky? No sir, it was Michael Steinkirchner wailing on his goldflake Airline guitar. A formidable rhythm section is realized in Max Miller's foundation-shaking bass and Mike Loughlin's thunderclap drums. Who’s that on horns? Michael McCarthy slays the sax while Tim McLaughlin puts his trumpet to work. Almost everyone sings, creating swoon-worthy harmonies straight out of Spector's top-ten collection. So join Ghost Tour on its next voyage through time and space - a hybrid era played before your very eyes.
Venue Information:
Hi-Fi Lounge
44 E. 7th Ave
Eugene, OR, 97401