Taylor John Williams

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Taylor John Williams

Daring Greatly

Mon · November 6, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

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Taylor John Williams
Taylor John Williams
Whether you are a Los Angeles native, a momentary visitor or an out of town transplant, Friday nights on Hollywood Blvd are a strange beast. It’s one of LA’s many boulevards but this one specializes in dreams (broken and fulfilled), kitschy novelty stores, Scientology centers, the best Captain Jack Sparrows money can buy, venues, heavy traffic and eateries with overly harsh lighting…like the one I met Taylor John Williams in. Seriously harsh. Yikes.

By the way, if you ever have the chance to chat with Taylor, feel free to NOT do two things: play any bro-Country within earshot and ask about his time as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice.

This isn’t said to be rude or dismissive; trust that he is acutely aware of and understands the curiosity, as well as the opportunities and experiences that the talent reality show has afforded him due to appearing during its seventh season in 2014. But with respect to The Voice, two points succinctly summarize how Taylor feels and why:

“I don’t get many interesting questions about it. It’s always the same. What’s so and so like? Are people nice? I don’t ever really get any questions that give me pause.”

“It’s so irrelevant to me at this point.”

After all, it is now 2017. At some point, it’s time to move on as lingering too long in the rearview mirror rarely serves a greater purpose. Unless you need to write a song, of course, because then it can serve as inspiration.

At a lanky 6’4”, Taylor is as hard to miss as he is pleasant to behold. The 26-year-old Eugene, OR native is a picture of millennial youth and young manhood with smaller-than-LA-town charm getting his career bearings after having officially made the move to LA in 2016. Tonight was night #2 of his month-long April residency at one of LA’s most venerable venues: Hotel Café. It’s a place that is notorious for hosting high quality and often legendary artists of all genres, but specializes in showcasing music of a more intimate and personal nature like the bar stool sitting, guitar wielding singer/songwriter. Taylor’s gig fits that mold, but is additionally touched with a richly warm-blooded, personal and soulful folk approach to the art of musical storytelling. His lyrical game is strong: See his second EP, Hiraeth, for further.

After the Hotel Café show, one particular adjective pushed itself forward: revelatory. The room was a warm space well-suited for Taylor’s beautifully expressive voice, the playful charm of his off-the-cuff humor and his penchant for peeling back the tender layers of his songs before launching into them – and there is a lot going on in those songs. Plus, he didn’t have to work very long or hard before the gift of a whisky and Coke found its way into his hand onstage: In the life of a musician, that is a valuable skill.

So, yes, it was all a revelation: the conversation, the performance, the man. From harsh lighting on the boulevard to a session of musical show-and-tell (as many things discussed earlier in the eve seemed to be threads of thought in his songs), this was getting in on the ground floor of witnessing Taylor John Williams on his personal road of discovery, watching “a new band figure themselves out on stage” and an artist in the act of “becoming.” Becoming something more than a guy from Oregon, more than a Los Angeles dreamer and certainly more than a former contestant on a reality show. - Trina N. Greene (High Voltage Magazine)
Daring Greatly
Daring Greatly
Originally from Calgary, Alberta and now touring all of Western Canada, the North-Western US and California, they've perfected their own modern style of Hippy-Rock. Audiences quickly fell for their honest sound and peaceful demeanour on and off stage. They recorded their debut album CORNERSTONES in 2016, have opened for Bon Jovi at the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena, The Doobie Brothers & The Struts.

Fronted by powerful, 3-part, “blood harmonies” provided by father, Dail Croome (50 years old - bassist), and his sons, Patrick (23 years old - acoustic guitar) and Liam Croome (21 years old - keyboards), the combination of familiar voices, each with their own unique tone and melody, create a magical vocal tapestry, like no other. With controlled dynamics, perfectly inserted fills and emotional turns, rhythmic drummer Brayden Tario (23 years old) brings the band's rhythm section to life and uses his voice to add a 4th harmony. Brandon Haddow (21 years old) hoists the electric lead guitar and rips out killer solos, and then casually steps back, to provide soulful fills and rhythm.

“I have had the pleasure of working with the guys from Daring Greatly. When I first met them in Nashville, and heard them play and sing in the studio, I was truly impressed. They have a sound and a chemistry together that is unique and inspiring.” -Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd

Their goal is to continuously share the message of being fearless, free, and vulnerable - to 'step inside the ring' and to dare greatly. The message is simple, but the music is even more powerful than that. This 5 piece group gathers heavy influence from the 60's & 70's classic rock era.

“Their musicianship is incredible given their age, and their harmonies are as good as anyone I have ever heard. The industry has not heard an act like this for a very long time. I believe this talented group will be talked about in the same breath as the Eagles, and Crosby Stills Nash and Young- Seriously!” - Dave Temple – MCC Studios (CCMA studio of the year 2013, 2014)

Sounds Like
Zac Brown Band - The Black Crowes - Crosby Stills Nash & Young - America

Notable Venues:
T-Mobile Arena (Opening Act for Bon Jovi)
Whisky A GO GO [West Hollywood, CA]
The Belly Up Tavern [Solana Beach, CA]
The Music Box [San Diego, CA]
Campland On The Bay [San Diego/Mission Beach, CA]
Horton Plaza Park [San Diego, CA]
The Riverside Sapphire Room [Boise, ID]
Ranchmans Cookhouse and Dancehall [Calgary, AB]
Cowboys Casino [Calgary, AB]
Grey Eagle [Calgary, AB]
The Roxy Cabaret [Vancouver, BC]
The Great Northern [Whitefish, MT]
Venue Information:
Hi-Fi Lounge
44 E. 7th Ave
Eugene, OR, 97401