New Years Eve Psychedelic Ball (both stages)

Hi-Fi Music Hall and Da'ath Records Cooperative Presents

New Years Eve Psychedelic Ball (both stages)

The Shivas, Pancho & The Factory, Psycho Magic, Snow White, Haunted Summer, Egotones, Sacred Trees, Thom Simon, SurfsDrugs

Sun · December 31, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Hi-Fi Music Hall

Advance Tickets: $18, Day of Show: $20

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This event is 21 and over

The Shivas
The Shivas
The Shivas are a rock and roll band from Portland, Oregon formed in 2006. In the 10 years since forming they have brought their raucous dance party to almost all 50 states, and over 25 countries worldwide, meanwhile releasing five full-length albums and three EPs on labels such as K Records and Burger Records. With the release of their latest - TURN ME ON (out May 12, 2017 on Burger Records/Annibale Records) they set out on spring/summer tours across North America and Europe, spending a few weeks at home in their time off to finish working on their 6th LP, set to come out in 2018. Keep an eye out for an upcoming Shivas show in your town. Chances are, no matter where you live, they will be coming through soon.
Pancho & The Factory
Pancho & The Factory
Working Class Music / Doom Dance / Metal-clectic
Snow White
Snow White
From the ever-expanding psychedelic music scene comes the entrancing Snow White. Blending elements of dream pop, glam rock, and jazz, they transcend beyond the classic traits of the psychedelic genre. As described by writer Sam Gehrke of Vortex Music Magazine, Snow White’s sound takes on an “…almost cinematic quality, finally blooming into what I can only describe as a psych-injected James Bond intro song on acid.”

Forming in Eugene, Oregon in the winter of 2014 they have since begun to carve out their unique place in psychedelia. They have sublimated Eugene's local music scene while sharing the stage with such acts as Dead Meadow, Mild High Club, La Luz, The Thermals, Summer Cannibals, Cherry Glazerr, The Sloths, and more. Sydney Zuelke of Eugene Weekly suggests, “As the band…solidifies its distinct sound, it’s bound to break through the Eugene barriers and onto something bigger.” This is exactly what Snow White plans to do, starting with the release of their first studio EP "Glitter." The first single from their EP is the dark and groovy tune called Pony Boy, an exploration into the darkness of unhealthy relationships and the exploitative nature of sex. Look out for the Glitter EP, coming this summer 2016.
Haunted Summer
Haunted Summer
Haunted Summer crafts languid pop music, adorned with orchestral strings and electronic textures that recall Soft Bulletin-era Flaming Lips.-Candice Aman (KXSC Radio)

The five tracks on the Something in The Water reinforce the group's ghostly vibes, with Moody's ethereal vocals blending seamlessly with spaced-out and hazy orchestral dream-pop, allowing the music to take control of your headspace like a ray of light seeping in through the cracks of a long forgotten and rundown gothic mansion. -The Portland Mercury (CT)

The pair’s blend of experimental guitar riffs, ethereal orchestral features, and Moody’s trance-like vocals—plus a ton of oddball electronic sounds that add even more texture—creates a sound that sticks with you. -The Seattle Weekly (Azaria Podplesky)

Bridgette Eliza Moody and John Seasons are the group’s mainstays, but they have smartly added other musicians to the mix, taking their music to a bolder, higher level. The use of clarinet especially enhances and grounds their sound as Moody's augmented vocals and Seasons’ languid guitar licks add ethereal layers. -The Inlander (Laura Johnson)

Haunted Summer features Bridgette Moody and John Seasons, who share songwriting and performing duties in a true collaboration. The result is a very pretty, psychedelic sound with ethereal vocals from Bridgette, who comes into her own as a lead vocalist. -Julia Stoller
(The Boston Music Survival Guide)

The music definitely fulfills the definition of dream pop. The lyrical content relies heavily on longing for and reveling in young love.This is a young band with a high ceiling, I would not be surprised if these songs break out nationally. The title track ends with "No one will love you when you are loved" however this band has love to spare, and I except big things coming their way. -Scott Schultz (LA Record)

“It’s like falling asleep in a bathtub of cough syrup.” - Wayne Jessup
(The Owl Mag)

"Just two days after the release of their eerily-named EP, Something In The Water, dream pop duo, Haunted Summer, will make the room echo and whirl to the tune of their supernatural anthems, already quite a hit amongst fellow Angelenos" -Cynthia Orgel (Santa Cruz's Good
Times Weekly)

Together, the Highland Park coed duo makes digi-folk pop that’s as enticing as it is spooky. Like an echo in a cave, Moody’s voice carries an eerie yet seductive vibe over soothing strums or gentle beats. This is the sound of dew forming on a chilly morning…-Dan
Frazier (Free Bike Valet blog)

Over the first couple months as Haunted Summer, Seasons and Moody wrote a flurry of songs, recording at home and then enlisting friends to play the music live, first around LA and then on tour in support of Polyphonic Spree, Islands and Taken By Trees. - Eric Swedlund (Tucson

Haunted Summer, lives up to its name with an even more enchanting series of dream-pop shimmers, as Bridgette Eliza Moody's vocals trail off languidly in the jet stream of husband John Seasons' majestic emissions. -Falling James (LA Weekly)

Their brand of dream pop feels timeless, with just the right amount of youthful nostalgia to woo your ears into submission. Moody’s smooth, light as air vocals captivate like a siren of the sea, while the arrangements are lush and seductive, but never pushy. It’s a delightful combination that has the power to fill any lazy summer day with an extra bit of magic. -Jacqueline Caruso (The Deli Magazine LA)

There’s no question that whatever is haunting Moody and Seasons is steering the duo toward a beautiful place. -Kevin Bronson (Buzzbands LA)

Windswept vocals, sultry strings and spacey guitar blend together beautifully. The whole thing is mysterious and engrossing enough that it gets under your skin and stirs your own private nostalgia. -Billy Gil (Amoeba Blog)

Haunted Summer features Bridgette Moody and John Seasons, who share songwriting and performing duties in a true collaboration. The result is a very pretty, psychedelic sound with ethereal vocals from Bridgette, who comes into her own as a lead vocalist. -Julia Stoller (The Boston Music Survival Guide)

Haunted Summer is a band whose music eerily fits their name perfectly. Angelic, other-worldly vocals lead the way and give life to a beautiful dream-pop inspired sound. -Glen Casebeer (Northwest Music Scene)

Haunted Summer is John Seasons & Bridgette Moody. Together they are heading in directions they couldn’t pursue in their former bands, making eerie psychedelic orchestral pop.-Kathryn Pinto (Radio Free Silver Lake)

Haunted Summer's "Something in the Water", is full of hazy chamber-psych that unfolds in slo-mo, providing plenty of room for Bridgette's nostalgic croon. It's a likeable sound, as evidenced by the inordinate number of press clippings the band has posted to its Tumblr. -The Portland Mercury (Ben Salmon)

The sexy, head trip music of Bridgette Moody and John Seasons seems to take shape somewhere in the space between your ears. They feed you all their hypnotic sounds and leave your brain and senses to figure it out. -Brad Roberts (Feed Your Head Blog)

Their brand of synth-y mid-tempo dream pop along with Moody’s ethereal vocals weave through whimsical melodies with twinkly resonance. -Melody Stone (Capital Public Radio)

On Something in the Water, gentle, hazy vocals take the forefront, gliding along on clouds of delicate synth and simple, nostalgic melodies. Just when the whole thing is about to float off untethered into the ether, though, come gentle rolls of surf guitar and sudden sweeps of strings that keep things grounded in a wall of intricately-woven electronic sounds. Despite its gentle ease, there’s still something kind of eery about the way the harmonies seem to linger in the air for a moment, even after a song ends. - Kaitie Todd (Willamette Weekly)

Haunted Summer consists of Bridgette Eliza Moody and John Seasons, reigning from the Los Angeles area. The group crafts ethereal, dream pop that comes off haunting live -Shane Jackson (DTLV MUSIC)

Haunted Summer play mostly mid-tempo, textual music that is heavy on the guitar effects and synthesized sounds. Moody’s voice is a powerful, emotive tool that plays soft, sweet contrast to the hints of darkness below. It makes for an eerie, soft-at-the-edges psychedelia. - Joshua Tehee (The Fresno Bee)
Sacred Trees
Sacred Trees
Heavy psych, dirty garage. Tambourine worship. Based in Eugene, Oregon. Check out our two full-length self releases on bandcamp. Book us for yo party
Thom Simon
Thom Simon
thom simon started as a solo project in Santa Cruz, California, born from Jeff Wiseman's many long nights of smoking spliff, drinking 32s of High Life, and creating mazes of sonic patchwork by candlelight.
Using Jeff's background as a drummer, guitarist, and audio engineer, thom simon's visceral sound began to take shape, utilizing electronic drum sounds and riff-heavy guitar parts. It took on a bit more dynamic elaboration with the addition of Lindsay Kunhardt on keys and backup vocals.
Multiple influences are speckled throughout thom's catalog. Ranging from eerie and elegant songs such as "unknown" and "leaks" to danceable synth tunes like "move" and "weep woop" all the way to lofty dream sequences like "days" and "true," at times thom simon comes across as a complete rip-off and at others previously unheard and unthought. Now based out of Eugene, Oregon, thom simon is a roller-coaster of spacey funky new-wave buried in delay and reverb; a sure shot equation to get you on your feet.
Venue Information:
Hi-Fi Music Hall
44 E. 7th Ave
Eugene, OR, 97401